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The projects referenced below are tied to travel and leisure industry.
That's what we've been working on most recently but our expertise is not limited by that particular domain.
We offer outsourcing, consulting and integration services for businesses in virtually any field.
The intricacy, diversity and scale of projects our team has completed is intended to illustrate complexity of solutions deployed and a mix of technologies used.
Vendor communications
Design, implementation and management
of data bases for client’s products,
services, vendors, customers, etc.
Development of a software solution
for data interchanging
between clients and their vendors,
including an application for agencies/agents,
production and delivery
of content-rich notifications to vendors.
GDS systems and Payment Gateways
Software solutions for accessing
data and functionality
of Global Distribution Systems
like Amadeus, HotelBeds, Hertz and others,
and Payment Gateways such as
Authorize.NET, Atos, PlugAndPay and so on.
Web portal
Development of a B2B/B2C web portal for
end-customers, production and delivery of
notifications and content-rich documents.
Data export/import
Online data flows between our solutions
and client’s current systems.
Data conversion and loading from/to
different data bases
and various systems via API.
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